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Greyscale coffee roasters was founded in 2014 with the dream of sharing the true fact of, “craft” coffee. With the studying of over 200 origins to perfect our cold brew recipe to roasting/cupping non-stop to perfect our blends. This wasn’t just a hobby for the team, but a drive to bring true coffee to everyone. With now sourcing over 6 origins from all over the world, Large batch roasting machines not stopping and constantly looking into advancing. The Greyscale team is always looking to give back to where it all starts. With all coffee that is purchased, we save a percentage so one day we can give back to the origin farms. By building schools, helping families and doing what we can to make a difference in this world. it all starts with you. Enjoy Greyscale coffee and know you are making a difference. Thank you.


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GSC team?

Hey! We are always looking to expand our reach and presence. If you think you can help on that end, feel free to reach out on the contact section at the bottom of this page. This comes with rewards also, but please understand that reward is barrels of coffee beans.

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